Traffic Monitoring

Verkehrssicherheit kompakt

RETHINK traffic monitoring

The German company ROADIA specializes in traffic safety. It offers and develops solutions based on computer vision, which can be used to measure the speed of vehicles and count different categories of them on several lanes.

we capture

5+1 TLS
8+1 TLS
bicycles, pedestrians, individually definable classes

What makes ROADIA’s solution special?

We use our in-house developed algorithms that make it easier to classify a wide range of vehicle categories. Furthermore, combining artificial and human intelligence, allows us to be very flexible regarding different use-cases, for instance the evaluation of any class.


Why should you choose ROADIA over other providers?

ROADIA is not only a very reliable but also a highly flexible partner. This means, that we offer tailor-made solutions for you. Contact us to see if we can offer you a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Schleswig-Holstein vertraut bereits auf die ROADIA-Lösung.

Im Rahmen der 2021 durchgeführten, bundesweiten Straßenverkehrszählung hatROADIA im Auftrag des Landes Schleswig-Holstein das erste Projekt im „echtenNorden“ durchgeführt. An 140 Messstellen wurde dort die Erfassung undAuswertung von Verkehrsdaten gewährleistet. ROADIA konnte auf ganzer Linieüberzeugen. Weitere individuelle Projekte folgten und sind in Planung.

multi-lane highways

What options are available?

package 1

data analysis

  • You already have data?
  • Then you provide the data and we do the rest

package 2

full stack

  • You don’t have any hardware?
  • ROADIA provides the hardware and you can do the installation
  • ROADIA evaluates the collected data

package 3

the full package

  • You choose time and location
  • ROADIA installs the hardware for data acquisition
  • Then, weevaluate the collected data and provide insights according to your needs

„We could inspire you for our solution and you are interested? Great, get in touch with us!“