Traffic accidents can be prevented. Make the decisive contribution to more safety!

We have the solution in the form of up-to-date hardware and software, you have the decision-making authority. Together, we can make the roads safer.

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3,000 traffic fatalities per year due to insufficient distance and excessive speed, one third of them in built-up areas

Every year, 250,000 people are injured in built-up areas alone. 28,000 children are involved in accidents each year, 55 are killed. 3,000 lives are changed forever and families are torn apart. The main causes of accidents are inappropriate speeds and too little distance between vehicles.

Sign of radar control in speed limited zone, Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash
today: stop&go traffic, Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash
Be Part of THE FUTURe, already today

Even today, traffic can be made safer through modern technology

ROADIA is making roads safer around the world. By using state-of-the-art hardware and artificial intelligence, we aim to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on the roads. To achieve this, ROADIA is rethinking established technology to develop solutions that save the public budget and enable vehicles to navigate at Level 5 in the long term.


Our mission:
Establish globally deployable road safety systems to sustainably minimize traffic accidents

We are convinced that the number of traffic fatalities can be reduced to a minimum with the help of autonomous systems. Our sensors provide vehicles with the data they need to act and react on the basis of artificial intelligence. The interaction of data-providing and data-consuming devices enables an optimal traffic flow that avoids dangers before they arise.

futuristic red lines towards the future, Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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